Unframed artwork for sale – contact me for more details on sizes, shipping costs etc.

If you have seen a work elsewhere that isn’t shown in these galleries just ask – I may still have it.
egyptian cat bast linocut

Bastet – reduction linocut £75

sparrowhawk linocut

Tribute to Ursula Le Guin – linocut on various backgrounds £40

Green man linocut

Woodwose linocut on monoprint £50


into the woods linocut

Into the Woods – reduction linocut £60


tiger tyger tyger william blake linocut art

Fearful Symmetry – reduction linocut £75

Ox Meadow linocut

Ox Meadow, Fulbourn – Reduction linocut £60

reenactment new zealand linocut mount cook lake pukaki

Young Mountains Old Battles – Linocut £70

Macaws in snow linocut

As I Drove Home From Kendal – hand coloured linocut £60

Oberon and Titania linocut

Oberon and Titania – reduction linocut £75

woods forest wolves linocut

First Friends – linocut on monoprint £50

musicians linocut

Fiddlers Three – reduction linocut £60

red dragon white dragon king arthur linocut

Vortigerns Dragons – linocut £40

eagles linocut

The Eagles are Coming – linocut £40

hawk falcon linocut

Prince of the Air – reduction linocut SOLD OUT

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2 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. I love your lino prints especially the fabulous cats and the trees.
    I am learning how to do lino printing but when you are not at art school you forget what to use.

    If you have time for a chat sometime I would be so grateful.


    1. Very pleased you like them 🙂 as for tips – (1) most of it comes through practice 🙂 I’ve been doing this for years but would still count myself as a journeyman compared to a lot of Printmakers (2) see if you can find a workshop or course you can do. There are great ones at various print studios around the country, both beginners and more advanced. I’ve been on several myself to learn new techniques. There are also some good online courses at the moment. (3) composition. A lot of great prints crop the image so that they use the whole plate and make a feature of the edges. It also makes printing easier. Good luck!


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