Into the Forest


scanned lino for blog postWell before the Christmas rush, I designed a linocut based on the poem The Tyger by William Blake. I decided to focus on the symmetry part of the poem by reflecting the Tiger, and to reference the poem itself by using the word Tyger.

After much sketching on Photoshop, I came up with a design that used two blocks, one of them a reduction block. I printed an offset (that will be a post in itself some day), cut those blocks, printed a proof and… they didn’t line up. They REALLY didn’t line up. I’ve been paring away at the edges ever since trying to get them right.

First of all I tried eyeballing it, the second time I used scanned proofs on Photoshop. Better but still not right.

This is the third version. I scanned in the actual pieces of lino rather than using prints. I have now got the bottom lined up to my satisfaction, but the left hand side of the blocks (will be the right hand side of the image) is still a few mm out. I don’t have to worry about the other side; the edges are white on both layers so as long as one corner is correct I can register the blocks consistently for each print. I have made the two layers line up correctly on photoshop, and added the red box as a reference point to help me accurately trim that last few mm off the layer with the Tygers. Then I can finish the carving and start preparing the paper for the actual edition.

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