Ideas – where do they come from? Everywhere! I always have more ideas for pictures than I can create. And then along comes something that I MUST do.

One of my heroes, the writer Ursula K Le Guin, died on the 22nd of January.  I have previously made textile work based on her inspirational novels, but I am now going to make a new piece probably in linocut.

I will make a donation to an educational charity from the sale of the prints. Hopefully to a project she supported herself; if I can’t do that I will find a charity with similar values in the UK.

‘Tribute’ is still in my head, so no pictures, but here are photographs of the textile works I made last year. From left to right, Islands (The Earthsea series); Winter (The Left Hand of Darkness); Divided (The Dispossessed); and Forest (The Word for World is Forest).

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